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We specialize in
High-Compliance verticals... you don't have to fear the process


WaaveCompliance is a 3-part system that verifies the legitimacy of your business and the compliance of every online sale.

  • NextGen on-boarding by our dedicated compliance management partner

  • And our unique plug-in which both:

    • Ensures the compliance of inventory on the site and in the cart

    • Monitors every transaction for compliant card address & ship-to address

Merchant compliance at onboarding

In-cart transaction monitoring

Continuously up to date

Access banking services

  • Our on-boarding process is efficient and effective -- often < 1 week:  

    • KYC, AML, OFAC, License verification, etc

    • Inventory attestation

    • Review of online marketing and business processes for your vertical(s)

  • Our uniqure in-cart compliance monitoring ensures that:

    • disallowed products are never sold -- despite changing rules & regs 

    • products are never shipped to the wrong city, state, or country, nor b) paid for with a card from the wrong state.  

  • Licenses expire, regulations change.... but your merchant account is safe with WAAVE!  Continuously following the changing rules & regs, WAAVE helps keep you up to date.  Moreover, via our alerts and reviews, it's easier to keep abreast of required changes & timelines.

  • Merchants approved by WAAVE can leverage that to access banking services, e.g. bank accounts, insurance, and loans.  Our partners offer fair-priced & legitimate financial services you need -- without new compliance checks!​



  • CBD from Hemp only

  • CBD products must have less than 0.3% THC

  • Hemp CBD can be shipped to all 50 states

  • Cannot ship internationally

  • Merchats must have all lab results and certificates

  • No medical claims, please

  • Mandatory FDA disclaimer

  • Do you know the label requirements in your state? We do, ask us!

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