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WAAVE | Compliant Payment Solutions

Boost your Kratom Business

Enhance Sales, Ensure Business Continuity, and Increase Customer Trust through WAAVE's Compliant Transactions

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Seamless Kratom Transactions with WAAVE

Assured Regulatory Compliance

Adhere to industry-specific laws and regulations

Expanded Product Processing

One Merchant Account for multiple products

Multi-Card Payment Acceptance

Increase customer convenience with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX

Safeguarding Good Standing and Transparent Commerce

Preserve your reputable standing with banks and card associations

Enhanced Safety

Protect your data and secure your transactions with PCI DSS compliance

Customized Features and Tools

Optimize your operations with 'high-risk' tools and features

Comprehensive Card Support & Competitive Rates

Ensure business continuity and peace of mind with rates starting from 3.5%

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Ready to step into a more compliant and transparent business? 

Top 10 Credit Card Processor by the Financial Services Review

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