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Accept payments for CBD products

quickly, easily & securely 

Great news for CBD merchants!!

Credit and Debit Card
Payment Processing for
3.50% + 30¢ *

1. Accept cards on your site in two powerful ways:
  • Buyers can pay directly with a credit card by entering card details
  • Buyers can use a WAAVE account to facilitate repeat purchases and get rewards
2. The WAAVE Network has approval from leading US banks and major credit card companies to enable payments for CBD and other hemp products.  
3. Get approved for your own MID (Merchant ID)
4. Enjoy daily payouts and no rolling reserves
5. Special rates for in-venue transactions
6. Need a bank account? WAAVE financial partners accept our Kratom merchants

* For merchants > $50k/month in combined direct + WAAVE checkout payment volume. Not there yet? Contact us for our excellent pricing for smaller merchants. 


on your website

Complete Checkout gives you a payment widget with two payment modes: 1) direct credit card processing, and 2) a login wallet for returning customers.


at the counter

Accept payment at the counter with our Cashless ATM terminal it works with any tablet or computer, no special hardware needed.


WaavePay App on the go

Take payments through the WAAVE app with WAAVEPay, publish your store in the app and quickly have customers pay through our QR Code system.

Adding cards to your site or store can increase sales by 100% or more



Conversion of 

visitors to sales


basket size



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Increased revenue =

True incremental sales

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