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FALL RELEASE: Introducing WAAVE Checkout

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We are on a mission to give under-banked retailers all the tools to succeed in this E-conomy

The last time an eCommerce platform struggled with closing the payment loop, PayPal was invented. Today we are seeing more and more legal retailers finding barriers in the online world because of credit card payment limitations for their industry.

WAAVE is on a mission to give these retailers a legit solution that allows them to give their customers a seamless experience online. To accomplish this, we created WAAVE checkout. Our checkout widget can be deployed on any website and it will close the payment flow in your shopping cart.

Your customer's experience comes first

We made it really easy for everyone to use. First-time users register in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account

  2. Add a credit card with a billing address

  3. Verify your phone number

Returning customers simply log in to their WAAVE account to complete the checkout.

This is the most popular onboarding process in fintech, WAAVE is able to provide a legit solution that does not require additional (annoying) steps.



WAAVE capabilities

WAAVE operates in a crypto environment that allows you to take a stable coin in exchange for goods and services. Your customer uses their credit card to purchase the stable coin and sends it directly to your WAAVE e-wallet.

The key to our success is that we have wrapped the crypto purchasing process and the cart checkout flow in one single click, with no need to pre-purchase crypto to spend later.

With WAAVE your customers do not face a steep learning curve into the crypto world, one single click does the heavy lifting. And you don't have to worry about fluctuations or crypto exchanges. Your funds sit safely in your WAAVE e-wallet until disbursement time.

It is time you implement a solution that does not scare your buyer away and gets you your money faster.

Onboarding your company to WAAVE

We always aim at making things a breeze. This is also reflected in our merchant on-boarding. We follow the same KYC process any payment processor follows but we split it into two different stages: 1) Are you allowed to take WAAVE credits as a payment 2) Are you allowed to receive disbursements.

We can determine your eligibility during a quick demo call, to find out if you can use WAAVE Checkout on your website ask our bot.

Not all crypto payments are created equal

Compare us with other systems in the market

If you are ready for a seamless solution for your eCommerce site you need to see WAAVE checkout in action.

Security and Privacy

Your online customers demand a system they can TRUST and a solution that is as secure as a bank.

Unfortunately, you cannot say that about ACH alternatives. By allowing debit and credit card purchases through WAAVE you are giving them the most secure way to transact. We are PCI compliant and keep their transactions 100% anonymous.

Talk to our team to find out more about us and remember we can have you live and WAAVE-ing in just 3 days.


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