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WAAVE Featured on LA Collide: Empowering Florida's 'High-Risk' Merchants

We are delighted to announce that WAAVE's efforts in forging new paths for high-compliance merchants have received noteworthy attention. Our recent feature on LA Collide underscores our commitment to enabling businesses within Florida's alternative product markets, such as CBD, hemp products, and kratom, navigate the complex regulatory landscape effortlessly.

WAAVE Featured on LA Collide

Led by our CEO, Silvana Carpaneli-Hayes, WAAVE has been earnestly addressing the payment challenges diverse high-compliance merchants face, especially those underbanked. Carpaneli-Hayes' keen expertise in the payments arena, combined with her ambition to foster a safe and inclusive business environment, propels WAAVE's innovative solutions.

Instituting a New Paradigm in High-Risk Payments

At WAAVE, we have successfully inaugurated a novel standard in high-risk payments. Our tech-forward approach, hinged on real-time monitoring of transactions through over 35 data points, takes into account any regulation breaches resulting in instantly blocking non-compliant orders.

Our operative flexibility is one of our key strengths; adjustments to our system to comply with new regulations are promptly made, which guarantees our clients' businesses experience no interruptions.

The Recognition and Prospective Vision

The Financial Services Review honored our innovative solutions in 2023 by placing us as one of the "Top Ten Credit Card Processors." However, WAAVE's vision extends beyond this commendation; Carpaneli-Hayes envisages WAAVE evolving into a comprehensive tool that streamlines client operations and fosters seamless interactions between vendors and customers.

Building for Future Compliance

WAAVE is committed to designing a secure, compliant, and valid ecosystem. As the regulatory landscape continually evolves, we have a concrete mission; ensuring rules and regulations are adhered to without hindering economic growth.

With WAAVE's state-of-the-art secure technology, merchants operating within high-compliance industries in Florida can confidently adapt to altering regulatory conditions.

Explore the full article on LA Collide to learn more about how we're making waves in the world of high-compliance merchants:


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