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Have a large network?

Take advantage of our NEW referral program,

and LOWER your WAAVE fee.

WAAVE Merchant Referral Program

waave referral program for Kratom

How it works?

1. Do you know a Kratom seller looking for the best payment solution in the market? Tell them how GREAT WAAVE is and share the onboarding links!

We will waive the application fee for all your referrals

2. Share with them your Referral Code. 

Your code is your venue ID, can't find it? It is under Profile on the WAAVE Merchant Dashboard

Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 4.56.37 PM.png

3. Ask your friend to add your Referral Code to the application so we can track your submissions. AND we will waive the application fee for them!

4. For every single merchant you send us who goes LIVE on WAAVE you will receive a 1% discount on your fee*.

One referral = 1 month

Two referrals = 2 months

You get the idea... we won't cap you so if you have 12 successful referrals your fee can go down a full point for a full year! 

Ready to start?

Share the link below and start reducing your processing costs for as long as you want

*Your discount starts the following month your referral goes live on WAAVE. The discount will be rebated to your bank account as a marketing reward 5 days after the end of the month in question. 

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