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- Fair pricing
- Built-in compliance
- Excellent terms

Transaction Fees start at

3.5% + 0.30c

Industry leading terms

  • One single, blended rate per transaction (cost varies by industry and it includes interchange, High-Risk BIN, and all bank and card association fees. It also includes FX for international cards)***

  • $100/mo. WaaveCompliance subscription.  Our unique technology guarantees your good standing with the banks and card associations. 
    It's easy, auditable, and protects your business and your Merchant Account (MID)! 

  • Accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. Debit, Credit, and pre-paid cards.

  • No lock-in contracts**

  • Next-Day funding at no additional cost

  • Sell more products: WAAVE is the only payment enabler that allows mixed verticals even if they have different regulations, so you can sell exactly what your customers want to buy

  • Save on other services: Age Gate and ID Verification included


* WaaveCompliance is mandatory for merchants in all our verticals except those with no High Compliance products at all (we call this High-risk adjacent, also known in the industry as Ancillary service).  Learn More

** Startups with no payment processing history ar
e required to commit to the WAAVE Network for a minimum of 6 months.

Check out our educational article What's your real rate?

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