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Elevating Wellness Product Safety and Compliance: WAAVE Partners with Trichome Analytical

In a visionary move designed to redefine standards within the wellness industry, WAAVE forges a strategic alliance with the distinguished testing experts at Trichome Analytical. This partnership is set to bolster wellness product safety standards and streamline compliance processes through enhanced Certificate of Analysis (COA) reviews, creating an unmatched resource for sellers of wellness products.

trichome analytical

As the wellness industry continues its rapid expansion, the imperative for stringent regulatory compliance and an unwavering commitment to consumer safety has become more pronounced. Addressing this vital need, WAAVE and Trichome Analytical partner their strengths to introduce a comprehensive compliance and testing solution that integrates WAAVE's cutting-edge compliance management systems with the analytical prowess of Trichome Analytical.

Designed to simplify and fortify the compliance infrastructure, this partnership aims to build unparalleled consumer confidence and secure supreme product quality and safety across the wellness market. By uniting under a common goal, WAAVE and Trichome Analytical affirm their dedication to raising the bar for industry integrity, credibility, and scientific excellence.

About Trichome Analytical

Trichome Analytical, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, excels in providing scientifically rigorous testing services for the wellness industry, ensuring product safety and compliance. With a DEA registration, it conducts essential pre-harvest and post-harvest cannabis, aligning with USDA and DEA regulations. Trichome is also a recognized compliance tester for New Jersey’s cannabis and New York’s cannabinoid hemp programs. Their array of services extends to R&D support, offering detailed analyses for plant materials, extracts, and cannabinoid-infused products, positioning them as a key partner in product development and safety assurance.

Phone: 856-316-0600


WAAVE is a pioneering service platform that caters to high-risk and wellness markets, offering tailored compliance and payment processing solutions. With an unparalleled understanding of industry complexities and stringent regulations, WAAVE ensures business continuity for its clients by managing pivotal compliance requirements while providing secure transaction processes.

Phone: (888) 439-0240

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