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Partnership Alert: WAAVE Joins Forces with ACS Laboratory

WAAVE, a leader in compliant payment processing for the wellness industry, proudly announces its partnership with ACS Laboratory, a pioneer in entheogens and botanical product testing. ACS Laboratory brings to the table Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for a range of products like cannabis, hemp, CBD, mushroom, and Kratom. With more than 30 diverse testing services on offer, our collaboration with ACS empowers merchants associated with WAAVE to demonstrate their commitment to product quality, safety, and wellness.


Enhancing Trust and Continuity in Marketplaces

By integrating ACS Laboratory’s COAs into WAAVE's platform, merchants now have a way to demonstrate their product's regulatory compliance more easily and transparently. It also fortifies our goal to maintain seamless business operations for our merchants and ensure they remain legitimate.

"We strive to offer more value to our merchants than just payment processing. Partnering with ACS Laboratory, one of the most reputable labs in the USA, allows us to provide robust COA services. Results are directly integrated into our platform, ensuring we provide a comprehensive solution to our merchants involved in high-risk and wellness sectors," says Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, CEO, at WAAVE.

This partnership with ACS Laboratory is a significant stride forward not just for WAAVE but also for our merchants in the wellness industry. It underlines the value of compliance, due diligence, and integral solutions that benefit our partners and their customers.

About ACS Laboratory

ACS Laboratory is a DEA-licensed and CLIA-certified lab specializing in Consistent Kratom, cannabis, and hemp testing, established in 2008. Located on the U.S. East Coast, it is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2017, certified by the Florida Department of Health, and the USDA, ensuring high standards of testing for accuracy and safety.

Phone: (561) 510-8396


WAAVE is a pioneering service platform that caters to high-risk and wellness markets, offering tailored compliance and payment processing solutions. With an unparalleled understanding of industry complexities and stringent regulations, WAAVE ensures business continuity for its clients by managing pivotal compliance requirements while providing secure transaction processes.

Phone: (888) 439-0240

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