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Get used to your customers' happy dance when they pay the way they want

Accept credit & debit cards in venue


  • Accept credit & debit cards for in-store, card-in-hand transactions

  • Feels like Square to your customers

  • OTP verification via Twilio for added security

  • No hardware investment needed, our solutions are device agnostic and can be used with any POS

  • Can be setup with or without a card reader

  • Terminal can also be used for "over the phone" orders


Our virtual terminal lets you take card-in-hand payments with low friction. Enter the amount to be paid and reference info and you're set.  We do an OTP verification via Twilio to reduce fraud and chargebacks.  Boom.    


When the customer returns, all they need is their mobile phone to pay.  No need to download an app or swipe their card again.


Merchant Rewards

Consumers are busy and your staff works hard at the counter, so we have a Reward Program for everyone!  For each new Waave account, we offer the consumer a $5 incentive AND tip the sales staff $2.

Your team will be delighted with the rewards, your customers will be ecstatic to get paid to use their credit cards. 


And your sales will grow! (learn more)

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