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Something to celebrate!

Submit invoices that can be paid by credit and debit card



  • Easily set up a payment request inside your Merchant Dashboard

  • Send requests to anyone with a phone number or email address 

  • The recipient can quickly pay through the link, no app download needed

  • Includes ability to add "Tip" field

  • Useful for simple delivery models

  • Powerful tool for recovering payments

Merchant Dashboard

Invoice Recipient View

You can send a payment request before you schedule a delivery, or send an invoice to a customer who placed a custom order.  Our payment request setup is very flexible and lets you create a payment link that can even be shared through your social media chats. 


WAAVE Merchants love this feature, and we are always happy to discover what new ways WaaveInvoice helps smooth operations and grow businesses.

Never miss a chance to close a sale.


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