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Elevating Wellness Commerce: WAAVE and Xcaliber Announce Transformative Partnership

In an initiative set to redefine online wellness commerce's security and trust paradigms, WAAVE joins forces with XProtect, an elite service by Xcaliber. This strategic alliance heralds a comprehensive suite of chargeback management, fraud prevention, and risk management services, meticulously crafted for the wellness industry.

Introducing XProtect Services: Safeguarding E-Commerce Endeavors

XProtect is engineered to bolster online wellness businesses' defenses against the dual threats of fraud and chargebacks. Through a combination of chargeback audits, detailed customer transaction monitoring, and pioneering e-commerce fraud prevention strategies, XProtect equips merchants with:

  • Chargeback Audits: Empowers businesses with granular insights, enabling cost-effective, data-informed decisions and streamlined operational focus.

  • Customer Transaction Information: Assures every transaction's compliance with the highest standards, enhancing transparency and trust across customer interactions.

  • E-Commerce Fraud Prevention: Directly tackles the core challenges of e-commerce fraud, securing platforms and reinforcing customer trust with avant-garde solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Wellness Merchants

The unique complexities of the wellness industry, characterized by specialized products and services, necessitate robust protection against fraud and chargebacks. The synergy between WAAVE and XProtect offers:

  • Fraud and Chargeback Prevention: Integrating WaaveSonar with XProtect, this partnership delivers unmatched protection, cultivating a tranquil operational environment for merchants.

  • Business Continuity through Compliance Monitoring: Guarantees uninterrupted business operations amidst intricate regulatory landscapes, thanks to proactive compliance oversight.

  • Secured Seamless Transactions: Dedicates itself to fostering merchant growth by ensuring each transaction's safety and fluidity, freeing merchants to focus on their core business.

A Vision for Secure, Flourishing Futures

This collaboration not only aims to safeguard but also to propel wellness businesses toward a horizon where operational integrity and customer satisfaction are standard benchmarks.

"By aligning with XProtect by Xcaliber, we affirm our commitment to fostering a secure, transparent, and prosperous online commerce environment for wellness entrepreneurs," stated Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, WAAVE CEO. "Together, we are transforming the ideal of thriving, secure online operations into tangible experiences for our clients."

Embark on a Transformative Commerce Journey

WAAVE and XProtect by Xcaliber invite you to join them in pioneering a secure, prosperous era for wellness commerce. The journey to a fortified, trust-rich business landscape begins now.


WAAVE is a pioneering service platform that caters to high-risk and wellness markets, offering tailored compliance and payment processing solutions. With an unparalleled understanding of industry complexities and stringent regulations, WAAVE ensures business continuity for its clients by managing pivotal compliance requirements while providing secure transaction processes.

Phone: (888) 439-0240

About Xcaliber

Xcaliber-Solutions leads in Fraud Detection Software and E-Commerce Consulting, offering a partnership-based approach that delves deep into client businesses. XProtect, its flagship service, minimizes risk and enhances transaction surveillance in real-time, effectively reducing fraud and highlighting suspicious activities. Xcaliber-Solutions is committed to advancing e-commerce success across various retail sectors through dedicated merchant card management and consulting services.


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