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Let your customers pay with Credit & Debit cards

Online and In-store

Online Payments, Deliveries, and Pre-paid Pickup

Drive up to 100% or more incremental sales with WAAVE's eCommerce solutions



  • Accept major credit and debit cards

  • Feels just like PayPal - but works in your industry

  • Drive incremental sales of 100-200% + Learn More

  • Easy to install. Works will all major eCommerce platforms. (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, 3DCart and more)

  • Zero fees to consumers

  • Optimized for mobile, tablets and computers.

Payment Request

Online Payments


  • Easily set up a payment request inside your merchant dashboard

  • Send requests to anyone with a phone number or email address 

  • The recipient can quickly pay through the link, no app download needed

  • A powerful tool for recovering payments

  • Also useful for simple delivery models.


Setup from your Merchant Dashboard

The link will take your customer to your payment screen


In-Store Payments

Increase sales 35% + by accepting credit and debit card payments through WAAVE

Cashless & Touchless

Improve security & health for your sales staff by reducing cash



  • Accept credit and debit cards for in-store, card-in-hand transactions

  • Feels like Square to your customers

  • It can also be used for "over the phone" orders

  • OTP verifications via Twilio for added security

  • Powerful Merchant Rewards Program for Owners and Sales Staff

  • No hardware investment needed, our solutions are device agnostic  and can be used with any POS

  • Can be setup with or without a card reader

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WaavePay App

  • Accept major credit and debit cards in-store for existing WAAVE customers

  • Customers scan a QR code at the counter and pay what is tendered

  • Feels like Venmo to your customers

  • Ideal for your regulars, they'll never stop WAAVE-ing

  • Contactless and easy repeat purchasing.


Payments on-the-go

At the door or curbside?

Make sure you give your customers the option to make quick and secure payments through the WAAVE App.

They can download and set up in minutes and say goodbye to ATMs and ATM fees.

Ready to #RideTheCashlessWAAVE? 

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