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Discussing Kratom Laws and Regulation on Tampa Bay Morning Blend

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all our clients, partners, and supporters! Silvana Carpanelli-Hayes, WAAVE’s CEO, has recently been interviewed on Tampa Bay Morning Blend, the widely renowned lifestyle and entertainment show. Our discussion revolved around Kratom, its mutable laws and regulations, and the importance of compliance for Kratom transactions - a pivotal topic in today's “controversial” wellness and natural substances industry.

Exploring the Shifting Terrain of Kratom Regulations

At the heart of the interview, we navigated the complex landscape of Kratom legalities: the world of Kratom is ever-changing, and staying up-to-speed with the latest rules and restrictions is crucial.

Our CEO spotlighted the importance of being compliant when managing Kratom transactions. As the rules around Kratom pivot, our dedication to following every update doesn't waiver one bit. Our mission? To ensure that consumers can gain the potential benefits of Kratom while remaining well within the bounds of legality, and merchants to keep their business running while growing legitimately.

Amplifying the Kratom Conversation

Our feature in Tampa Bay Morning Blend opened doors for spirited discussions about Kratom, the advantages of compliant transactions, and the mutual benefits for consumers and sellers. We believe that fostering open and informed conversations about the responsible use and distribution of Kratom plays a significant role in shaping a positive future for this sector. Catch the full interview here:

Kratom Seller? Reach out to us and discover how compliant payment processing can be the linchpin for your business continuity!


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