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Solving the High-Risk Business Puzzle: First-Person View of the CBD and Nutraceutical Industry

By Nick Scannapieco

Over the past five years, I've faced many challenges while working in the high-risk sectors of CBD and Nutraceuticals. Everything from helping in the fields to selling ingredients and CPG to advising companies. Trust me, it's not always smooth sailing. Navigating the regulatory maze, working with cautious financial institutions, and dealing with fraud risks and chargebacks are all part of the job. But with the right guidance and support, it's possible to turn these daunting tasks into opportunities for growth.

Let me break down some of the common challenges you might face and how to solve them to sail through them confidently.

1. Steering Clear of Regulatory Obstacles

It's no secret that the laws surrounding CBD, Kratom, and Nutraceuticals are in a constant state of flux. Keeping up with the latest changes and avoiding penalties is essential and can be quite a challenge. That's where WAAVE comes in. As your trusted advisor, we help you efficiently navigate the ever-shifting regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant and on the right side of the law.

2. Building Trust With Financial Institutions

You might find that banks and other traditional financial institutions are hesitant to work with high-risk businesses. This reluctance can make it difficult to access essential resources, like payment processing solutions. The good news is that WAAVE has your back. Our secure platform eases concerns by facilitating smooth transactions and promoting stable growth in your business.

3. Protecting Your Business from Fraud

High-risk industries often attract fraudulent activities, which can lead to lost revenue and damaged reputations. Implementing effective security measures may require considerable time and resources. To help you combat this problem, WAAVE has developed an industry-focused, anti-fraud tool called WaaveSonar. This customized solution strengthens your defense against fraud, ensuring that your hard-earned money remains secure.

4. Tackling the Chargeback Challenge

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality in high-risk industries. Frequent disputes can disrupt cash flow and consume valuable time and resources. With WAAVE's expertise in managing and resolving chargebacks, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in capable hands.

Solving the High-Risk Business Puzzle: First-Person View of the CBD and Nutraceutical Industry

Succeeding in High-Risk Business Landscapes

The road to success in these industries isn't a simple stroll in the park. However, with WAAVE by your side, handling compliance and payment processing will give you a breath of fresh air. WAAVE safeguards your transactions and ensures smooth business operations.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your business. It's the small steps that lead to high peaks. The challenges are part of the journey, and as someone who's been there, let me tell you, the success won on the other side is worth every struggle. With a bit of will (maybe some stubbornness), the right guidance, and a seasoned ally like WAAVE, your journey from start to success will be a victorious one. Request your demo:


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