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WaaveSonar: The Ultimate Anti-Fraud Tool for High-Risk and Alternative Product Sellers

As a high-risk and alternative product seller, protecting your online store from targeted fraudulent activities is crucial. WAAVE has launched WaaveSonar, an innovative anti-fraud tool designed to provide an added layer of protection for merchants in the Kratom, CBD, Seeds, and other alternative product industries.

With WaaveSonar, merchants have now additional tools to make their own risk decisions before shipping suspicious orders.

How WaaveSonar Works

WaaveSonar is not your typical anti-fraud tool. It checks over 35 parameters to detect fraudulent activities, using industry-specific information such as compromised shipping addresses to identify potential risks. The system learns from past transactions and generates alerts when patterns are identified. If there is an increased risk on a specific transaction the payment will be blocked, the buyer's account will be red-flagged, and the merchants will review and analyze how to proceed with that purchase.

Tailored for High-Risk Alternative Product Sellers

WaaveSonar is tailored specifically for merchants who sell Kratom, CBD, Seeds, and other alternative products compliant with WAAVE’s regulations. While it is impossible to stop all fraud in e-commerce, this unique tool provides an added layer of protection for merchants in these industries. WaaveSonar uses the information generated by the entire WAAVE network to protect all merchants processing payments with WaaveComplete and WaaveCheckout.

The Benefits of WaaveSonar

WaaveSonar provides a range of benefits for alternative product sellers, including:

  • Protection against fraudulent online activities

  • Reduced chargebacks

  • Enhanced customer trust and loyalty

  • Improved business operations

WaaveSonar is included with your WaaveCompliance subscription and it is free to use for all WAAVE Merchants. Reduce the time and resources spent on manual fraud detection and focus on growing your business.

In conclusion, WaaveSonar is a game-changer for high-risk alternative product sellers who are looking to protect their stores from targeted fraudulent activities. With its advanced anti-fraud capabilities, tailored features, and benefits, WaaveSonar is set to change the way you evaluate risk in your business. Consider adding WAAVE to your payment options and stay ahead of fraudulent activities in your business:


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