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WAAVE is fast, easy and... SUSTAINABLE!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Learn what WAAVE has done for the environment in Singapore!

5. Electronic Receipts

Having electronic receipts at all WAAVE venues across the island is GREAT for nature! Together with our customers we prevent trees from being cut down, oil and water based ink from being produced, and we remove the need for plastic packaging on receipt rolls. WAAVE ‘hello’ to your order and ‘goodbye’ to the old-school receipts with paper, oil and plastic!

In 2018, WAAVE helped save receipts from over 200k orders from being printed! This is the equivalent of more than 32k sheets of A4 paper! If you lined up that amount of printed receipts, they would reach from Changi to Sentosa – four times! Plus, all the paper and ink that was saved through WAAVE's electronic receipts would have cost the vendors almost 5000 SGD!

4. In-App Loyalty Program

At WAAVE we have no stamps, no cards- just WAAVE. The in-app loyalty program allows customers to automatically collect freebies without wasting resources on plastic or paper membership or stamp cards. You will never forget your ‘card’ again and we save a bunch on the resources - that’s what we call a win-win!

3. In-App Menus

As more and more customers enjoy the privileges of WAAVE, vendors can start putting away their physical menu cards. With the full menus already in the app, you are guaranteed no soup stains or crumbled pages anymore, just an eco-friendly, paperless menu!

2. Transportation of Resources

All resources need transportation - even receipts rolls, membership cards, and menus. As WAAVE replaces these functions, there will be fewer carbon emissions associated with transportation. All you need to do is pull out your phone and WAAVE for your purchases.

1. Less Machinery

When you WAAVE, your order goes directly to the kitchen and bar, making the sales machines inferior. Eventually, the more you WAAVE, the less of these machines there will be, which will save the world from a waste of resources and energy.

WAAVE is more than just the fastest & easiest way to order - it's arguably the most sustainable way!

#RideTheCashlessWAAVE and download the app here to enjoy the convenience and good feelings of doing the environment a favor while getting the best rewards out there!


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