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The Story of 420: Behind the Numbers

A tale shrouded in smoke and lore, the origin of 420, has become renowned worldwide. But where exactly did this term originate? How did it spread across a global community of enthusiastic cannabis consumers? Today, we delve into the heart of these questions, unravel the tale behind 420, and reflect on why, especially nowadays, compliance and Certificate of Analysis (COAs) are crucial while celebrating 420.

The Early Roots

The journey begins in San Rafael, California in the 1970s. A group of five high school students nicknamed the "Waldos" coined the term. Their hangout spot was a wall outside their school, hence the odd name. They would meet at 4:20 p.m. after their football practice to hunt for an alleged abandoned cannabis crop based on a treasure map provided by a grower.

Aligned with their mantra, "4:20 Louis" (named after the Louis Pasteur statue where they would meet), they embarked on numerous "safaris," or cannabis hunting expeditions. Despite the unsuccessful treasure hunt, they eventually simplified their mantra to '420,' marking the time to regroup, smoke, and chill.

Spreading the Word

The term 420 could have remained a local high school joke had it not been for the stoner cultural influencers, Grateful Dead, and the friends and family associated with them.

Coincidentally, the Waldos had several connections to the Dead. One of the kid’s brothers was friends with Phil Lesh, the Dead's bassist. This connection enabled them to gain backstage access to Dead's concerts where they used the term '420'. This set the stage for the term to be catapulted far beyond San Rafael.

Over the years, High Times, an authority on cannabis culture, referenced 420 and promoted it globally, transforming a secret slang into an international event celebrated by millions.


Beyond the Whispers: A Global Phenomenon

Today, '420' is engraved in the cultural lexicon, a unisonous chord striking annually—a day of community, unity, and collective voice calling for a future of informed acceptance of cannabis and its benefits.

Amid this collective consciousness, there's an ever-growing emphasis on the importance of navigating the 420 celebrations within the safe harbors of compliance. It's crucial to ensure that every purchase, every sale, and every joyful token of this culture is conducted with due diligence – knowing that the product you're enjoying meets every standard and regulation out there.

This is where the Certificate of Analysis (COA) comes in; it's not just another piece of paper. It's your assurance that what you're consuming is safe, tested, and transparent about its contents. It's a pillar of trust between you, the consumer, and the product you choose to celebrate 420 with.

By prioritizing compliance and insisting on COAs, we deepen our commitment to responsible celebration, knowledge sharing, and ultimately, fostering a community that respects the plant and the laws that govern it. This conscious decision uplifts the spirit of 420, molding it into not just an act of using cannabis but an informed, respected, and compliant lifestyle choice.

So, this 420, as you join in the global embrace, remember to look out for those COAs, and rest assured that WAAVE is smoothing out your path to a compliant and joyous celebration.

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